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Impact Management Principles

September 12, 2017


Evpa Impact Management Principles Cover

EVPA and Social Value International (SVI) work to help VP/SI organisation and social purpose organisations (SPOs) set up impact management systems that are solid and deliver information that is useful to maximise the value for the final beneficiaries. 

The “Impact Management Principles” document links EVPA’s five step process to SVI’s principles of social value.

It is a short guide to what we stand for when we talk about impact measurement and management. It’s a way for practitioners to keep it simple, practical and useful.

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Social Impact Management Workshop

Every year EVPA and Social Value UK organise a workshop on Impact Management for Venture Philanthropy/Social Investment funders and investors. The two-day training is designed to give you the basics of social impact measurement and management, a concrete expertise in using the right tools and to help you navigate the impact management space. 

Please visit our page on our learning offer for more information.


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Priscilla Boiardi Priscilla Boiardi

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