Impact measurement in practice - In depth case studies

February 10, 2016



Impact measurement and management is one of the three key practices of venture philanthropy (VP), together with tailored financing and organisational support. This publication highlights the experiences of two European organisations at the forefront of social impact measurement: Investisseurs & Partenaires (I&P) and Reach for Change.

Our publication 'Impact measurement in practice - In depth case studies' shows how they have developed their own impact measurement system and how they have dealt with issues such as proportionality, attribution and additionality.

EVPA Member I&P is a social impact fund focused on supporting small and fast-growing African enterprises, with a high social and/or environmental impact. Since it started measuring impact, the organisation realised that, thanks to the definition of clear objectives and indicators, their work could be better monitored and improved. Also, they discovered that it served to align their team internally on the impact objectives.

EVPA Member Reach for Change is a grant-maker focusing on improving the lives of children. Over the years they realised the importance of measuring impact to explain what Reach for Change is doing for its investors, to identify successes and failures in their strategy, and to make annual reinvestment decisions.

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VP in a Nutshell is a series of short guides on impact measurement, non-financial support and exit, outlining the key elements, theory and implementation of these practices. All of this in only four pages.

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Watch Elodie Nocquet from I&P and Maria Modigh from Reach for Change sharing their approach to impact measurement.

Watch Jeremy Nicholls (CEO at Social Value International) outlining the importance of Impact Measurement for our sector as a whole, and the opportunities and practical ways to do impact measurement well.


This report could not have been made without the support of Investisseurs & Partenaires, Reach for Change, the expert group members who participated in the development of the EVPA guide on impact measurement and the members of the GECES sub-group on social impact measurement. EVPA’s in-depth case studies on impact measurement were also kindly supported by Argidius Foundation.

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