Measuring and managing impact - A practical guide

January 07, 2019



The goal of impact measurement is to manage and control the process of creating social impact in order to maximise or optimise it (relative to costs). Based on best practices from the field, this guide is filled with tips on how to implement impact measurement in five easy-to-understand steps, at the level of both the social investors and their investees.

Launched in 2013, the guide was updated mid-2015 to include information on its uptake, the challenges that practitioners continue to face, its contribution to policy work, and EVPA’s future plans in terms of research on impact measurement and management.

The impact measurement standard used here is endorsed by the European Commission as the EU-wide best practice standard of impact measurement.

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Dynamic dashboards – IMM focus

Dynamic Dashboards

Thanks to the data collected through the EVPA Industry Survey, you can see how central impact measurement and management is for investors for impact, and see the different ways in which this practice is implemented.

Impact Management Principles

Curious to see how we have combined our five-step process with SVI’s principles of social value? EVPA and Social Value International (SVI) work to help investors for impact and social purpose organisations (SPOs) set up impact management systems that are solid and deliver information that is useful to maximise the value for the final beneficiaries.

Impact Measurement Principles Overview Small

View our presentation

To uncover the main elements of impact measurement, and find out how to get started with measuring impact in your organisation, have a look at this short presentation:

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Discover how two EVPA member organisations (Reach for Change and Investisseurs & Partenaires) have implemented impact measurement in their organisations.

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