Navigating Impact Measurement and Management

November 09, 2021

EVPA Navigating IMM report cover

Report: How to integrate impact throughout the investment journey

This report summarises the main elements to be taken into account to measure and manage impact throughout the investment strategy and the investment process, linking each phase to the relevant steps of the EVPA five-step framework.

To clarify how the EVPA five-step process and other IMM initiatives are linked and complement each other, this publication also refers to different principles or standards throughout the investment journey, such as the Dimensions of impact of the Impact Management Project, the Operating Principles of Impact Management, the Principles of Social Value and the SDG Impact Standards.

Webinar: IMM Lighthouse - Best Practices to Navigate Impact Measurement and Management

Join us with Bridges Evergreen, Rethink Ireland and Tilia Impact Ventures, for a webinar on navigating IMM on 26 January 2022 at 16.00-17.30 (CET). During this webinar, the three organisations will discuss what are the best practices and main challenges to measure and manage impact, fostering a lively discussion with experienced practitioners in the field.

Practical Cases

This series of case studies showcases how investors for impact implement their IMM strategies in practice, throughout the different phases of the investment journey. The structure of the cases is aligned with the different elements addressed in the report and displays how advanced practitioners deal with different issues related to IMM.

IMM Case Study - Rethink Ireland
IMM Case Study - Bridges Fund Management
IMM Case Study - Tilia Impact Ventures
Rethink Ireland
Download Case Study
Bridges Fund Management
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Tilia Impact Ventures
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EVPA EVPA Mapping IMM Initiatives 2022 cover

Mapping of IMM Initiatives

Given the proliferation of IMM initiatives in recent years, there have been some attempts atmapping and classifying different initiatives done by relevant organisations in the impact ecosystem.

This short publication includes the most relevant mapping exercises and IMM initiatives for investors for impact available to date. The objective is twofold: on one side, it should help practitioners navigate these initiatives, and on the other side it should enhance their adoption.

Reflecting on Burning Topics

This series includes reflections on the hot topics that are shaping the debate on IMM in the ecosystem, such as transparency, impact assurance and stakeholder engagement. This series will contribute to the current debate, as well as position investing for impact vis-à-vis these crucial themes. These articles will be co-authored with other leading organisations or experts on each topic.

These articles will be launched throughout 2022: stay tuned!

Dynamic Dashboards

EVPA, as the main repository of data on investing for impact in Europe, developed three dynamic dashboards showing how practitioners are measuring and, more importantly, managing their own impact and the one of their investments. Although investors for impact are diverse in terms of type and financial instruments deployed, a series of commonalities arise from the dynamic dashboards:

  • they focus on defining outcomes indicators, which are much more informative about the quality of an intervention compared to output KPIs
  • they leverage the impact data collected in a variety of ways,
  • some of them also assess the risk of not achieving the expected impact
  • they manage a range of IMM frameworks, tools and indicators

EVPA History on IMM

EVPA has a long-standing experience in researching IMM and it has been among the first organisations to publish an extensive guide to help practitioners implement this practice. The five-step framework included in the EVPA guide has also informed the European Standard for IMM developed by the Groupe d’experts de la Commission sur l’entrepreneuriat social (GECES).

Stay tuned for more updates on this research!

Over the coming months, we will keep on collecting cases, and we will share the key insights from interviews with experts and practitioners.

Stay tuned!

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