Noaber Foundation - Case study

March 04, 2010



Noaber adopted the SROI method for performance measurement and with fellow EVPA members, d.o.b. foundation and Scholten and Franssen, developed a social evaluator tool so that applicants for investment and donation could carry out an SROI analysis for themselves.

Noaber wanted both to evaluate to what extent organisations would be able to do this and a baseline for their existing portfolio. They offered the organisations to explain the value of social performance measurement, to educate them on the SROI methodology and to go through the process involved in using the social evaluator tool.

Noaber selected 15 of its 25 members to participate in the project. They needed someone who could dedicate him-/herself to the task and their staff resources are limited. They therefore decided, in the summer of 2008, to take on an intern. The results can be consulted in this report.

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