Safeguarding Impact Integrity

February 16, 2022


What is impact integrity?

Being an impact-driven organisation linked to a company is not easy. How can corporate foundations and impact investors deal with the inherent tensions that this relationship brings, and protect their societal mission from negative external influence? In other words, how can corporate social investors safeguard their impact integrity?

The research and tools that we are developing will help you understand the challenges and assess whether the impact integrity of your organisation might be at risk. We will guide you through the various possible mitigation actions to tackle these challenges.

Check out our new infographic and this article for an introduction into our research.

In the coming months, we will publish more materials on impact integrity. Here is what else you can expect:

  • A series of real-life case studies and articles
  • An online self-assessment tool

Learn more with our report

Safeguarding Impact Integrity Infographic

Get a snapshot with our infographic

Safeguarding Impact Integrity Infographic

Check out some real life examples

Stay tuned for more case studies in the coming weeks!

Safeguarding Impact Integrity Infographic

Read our article

For a short introduction and overview of our research on impact integrity, read our article published in Alliance Magazine "Impact Integrity: A journey from awareness to safeguarding the societal mission of the Corporate Social Investor."

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