Social Impact through Employee Engagement

October 04, 2018


As a corporate social investor, engaging employees is an excellent opportunity to provide valuable financial and non-financial support to your social purpose organisation (SPO) and scale your social impact. The current discussion on employee engagement focuses on how to drive business value and/or the value for employees. Our ambition at EVPA is to redirect the discussion to the design of social impact-driven employee engagement activities. We therefore studied the latest academic insights, spoke to numerous practitioners and experts, and comprehended all insights in two practical toolkits.

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The introduction gives you an overview of why we at EVPA felt it was important and timely to launch a study on employee engagement, why it is important to refocus the discussion on the design of impact-driven engagement activities and the unique role that Corporate Social Investors can play herein. Find an overview of how the two toolkits help tackle the knowledge gap around the social impact of employee engagement.

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Toolkit 1: Unravelling the Roles of Corporate Social Investors

In the first toolkit, we help you unravel your own role in developing and implementing employee engagement programmes. It takes you on a journey to become your own best version that is the most suitable to your context and social mission

Online quiz on toolkit1!

Take our online quiz and find out straightaway which is your highest potential role!

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Toolkit 2: Creating Impact-Driven Engagement Activities

In the second toolkit, we help you create impact-driven activities that place the needs of the SPO at its heart. Learn about how you can match employee engagement activities with the SPO’s most crucial needs, assess what you can offer and explore what action strategies you have.

Would you like to learn more on how you can design and implement employee engagement activities to generate social impact?

EVPA in collaboration with Rotterdam School of Management has designed the perfect course for your needs. It is a great chance to understand better how you can match employee engagement activities with the social purpose organisations’ fundamental needs. Do not miss this opportunity!

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