Social Impact through Strategic Alignment

September 12, 2019


The topic of strategic alignment recently gained great momentum amongst Corporate Social Investors (CSIs), like corporate foundations, corporate impact funds, accelerators, and social businesses. At EVPA, we define strategic alignment as a mutual arrangement between a Corporate Social Investor and its affiliated company with the goal of enhancing the CSI’s social impact.

After a yearlong research on strategic alignment, involving 45 practitioners from CSIs, companies, and experts on corporate social investing and inclusive business strategies, we developed the first typology that describes the various ways in which a CSI and its affiliated company can align: nonmaterial alignment, thematic alignment, industry alignment and business alignment.

The following resources are intended to guide CSIs towards finding the right type of alignment to maximise their social impact.

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The introduction clarifies why strategic alignment has gained an increasing momentum amongst CSIs and why we at EVPA felt it was timely and important to launch a study on the topic. The introduction provides furthermore a roadmap through the available EVPA resources.

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Strategic Alignment Infographic

The strategic alignment infographic provides a brief overview of the four strategic alignment strategies and visually illustrates how they relate to a CSI’s underlying impact ambition. This infographic is ideal for anyone looking to quickly get acquainted with the topic or to have a baseline for discussions with peers or board members.

The Rise of the Corporate Social Investor

EVPA and the Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) have teamed up to demonstrate how corporate social investors can align with their companies to maximise impact based on EVPA's research.

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The Rise of the Corporate Social Investor cover - Portuguese translation
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Strategic Alignment Table

The strategic alignment table provides a detailed description of the strategic elements of each alignment type. It covers the key characteristics of the four alignment types, the role of the CSI and the affiliated company, and managerial reflections. This makes it the ideal resource for anyone looking to position their own organisation or their peers.

Case Studies

The case studies illustrate how various EVPA members pursue the four alignment types in reality. The case studies are a useful resource for anyone looking for an in-depth understanding of the practical implications of alignment.

JTI Foundation Case Study cover
Nonmaterial Alignment
JTI Foundation
Trafigura Foundation Case Study cover
Thematic Alignment
Trafigura Foundation
Syngenta Foundation Case Study cover
Industry Alignment
Syngenta Foundation
Mobilize Invest Case Study cover
Business Alignment
Mobilize Invest

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