The 2020 Investing for Impact Survey

February 24, 2021


Every two years, we conduct an "industry survey" and provide independent statistics on investing for impact. Our aim is to better understand practitioners’ strategies and practices, so that we can identify and share the latest trends with you. The knowledge acquired through this data collection is fundamental to developing new initiatives and to fully unleash the impact potential that lies in the investing for impact community!

Interactive Report

This year, the main results of the industry survey can be accessed interactively to better navigate the different sections and access further insights. The report consists of three main parts, namely resources available, impact strategies and VP practices. Throughout the report there are icons you can click on to dive into key trends or focus on specific capital providers.

The 2020 Investing for Impact Survey small

Click on the image to open the interactive report

Dynamic Dashboards

Since impact measurement and management (IMM) is a key element of investing for impact, EVPA developed a series of dashboards that dynamically show how this practice is implemented in practice.

Each dashboard contains key results and allows users to tailor the analysis using filters and customised selections.

The Investing for Impact dynamic dashboards 2021 preview

Click on the image to go to the dynamic dashboards

CSI infographic

Infographic on Corporate Social Investors

EVPA published the first infographic on corporate social investing practices including data from 38 organisations from across Europe.

Learn more about funding models, strategic alignment trends, investment sizes, type of investees supported, and more.

DISCLAIMER: Corporate Social Investors include different categories of capital providers such as impact funds, foundations and engaged grant-makers. Therefore, the data showcased in the corporate social investing infographic partially overlap with the data of the other infographics

Launch webinar

On 24 February 2021 we launched the interactive report through a webinar “Venturing Societal Solutions - The 2020 Investing for Impact Survey”, and we engaged in a lively discussion with four experienced practitioners on the key insights of the study.

Download slides here

Stay tuned for more data analysis!

Over the coming months, we will publish a new series of dynamic dashboards.

So stay tuned!

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