The EU Pact for Skills and Investors for Impact

April 19, 2021


Policy Brief

The European Pact for Skills aims to mobilise investment flowing into upskilling and reskilling the European working-age population, engage all stakeholders, and facilitate cooperation in the skills- and education sector. This policy brief explains what the Pact for Skills entails and what financial and non-financial support is available to investors for impact to implement the Pact’s principles. The brief further attempts to provide clarity to the interconnection of the Pact for Skills with other EU actions and the various EU funding programmes.

Webinar recording

On 25th March, EVPA organised a webinar entitled "Pact for Skills and EU Funding Opportunities: ESF+, RRF, ERASMUS+".we learn about the objectives of the Pact, its structure, and facilitation of collaboration between the different stakeholders active in reskilling and upskilling. Moreover, the EU funding programmes supporting the implementation of the Pact will be discussed, as well as the non-financial support the EU institutions have to offer under the long-term budget 2021-2027.

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Bianca Polidoro Bianca Polidoro

Cătălina Papari Cătălina Papari

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