The EuSEF Regulation: reform and impact on the VP/SI sector

June 05, 2018


Policy Brief: How EuSEF’s Recent Reform can Impact the VP/SI Sector

Evpa Policy Brief How Can Euse F Recent Reform Impact The Vp Si Sector 2018 Cover

EVPA’s Policy Brief series aims at explaining recent policies and regulations that have implications for the VP/SI sector, outlining their functioning and their impact, and proposing the way forward.

EVPA’s first policy brief deals with the recent reform of the EuSEF regulation. Created in 2013 as a label for VP/SI investment funds, the EuSEF regulation underwent in-depth reform in 2017, due to the little uptake in the market, also in comparison with EuVECA, the EU VC funds regulation.

The brief “How EuSEF’s recent reform can impact the VP/SI sector” explains what EuSEF is and how it works in practice, outlines the rationale for its reform, looks at how the new regulation can have a positive impact on the VP/SI sector and explores the way forward.

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Webinar recording: EU Webinar #12 | How EuSEF's recent reform can impact the VP/SI sector

On 11th April 2018, we organised a webinar on EuSEF’s reform and its impact on the VP/SI sector. You can now watch the recording of this webinar below.

We had a lively debate on the implications of the recent reform. Giovanni Garcea (European Commission) gave an overview of the EuSEF Regulation and explained its changes after the reform. Roberto Randazzo (R&P Legal and President-elect of ESELA) addressed the legal aspects of the EuSEF’s reform, and illustrated a case study. Finally, Oliver de Guerre (Chairman of PhiTrust) shared his experience as a manager of one of the few EuSEF fund in place in Europe, outlining the challenges and the opportunities he encountered while obtaining the EuSEF designation.

The PowerPoint presentation of this webinar can be downloaded below the video.

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