Towards the EU Action Plan for Social Economy: EVPA’s 5 recommendations

July 19, 2021


In view of the upcoming EU Action Plan for Social Economy, EVPA puts forward its data and expertise to analyse the EU social impact investment ecosystem, and outlines five policy recommendations. This position paper should be taken into consideration in the adoption and the implementation of the EU Action Plan for Social Economy, as solutions to the current challenges within the social economy.

EVPA’s 5 Recommendations in a Nutshell

Recommendation 1

1. Improve access to financial and non-financial resources and strengthen the capacity to co-invest

Recommendation 2

2. Boost social innovation

Recommendation 3

3. Pave the way towards future social taxonomy through Impact Measurement and Management (IMM)

Recommendation 4

4. Ensure more targeted and consistent communication to improve the visibility and recognition of social economy organisations

Recommendation 5

5. Make the EU social Economy system a landmark within the global economy

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