Venture philanthropy and social impact investment - A practical guide

March 21, 2018



'Venture philanthropy and social impact investment - A practical guide' is a critical companion for anyone who wants to understand the venture philanthropy approach, and/or start their own venture philanthropy or social impact investment fund.

This publication combines the insights and experiences of practitioners across Europe and the results of several years of EVPA research. It gives you access to everything you need to know about setting up and running a venture philanthropy organisation or social impact investment fund.

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Would you like to learn more from the experts in the field on the key practices of Venture Philanthropy?

Glossary of Terms

To have an overview of the key terms used in the Venture Philanthropy and Social Impact Investment Space, have a look at our Glossary.


EVPA is thankful to all members who have shared their insights, successes, failures and experiences with the wider community of VP/SI practitioners. In particular, our gratitude goes out to Deirdre Mortell, Pieter Oostlander and Luciano Balbo, three practitioners who wrote the first edition and have been instrumental in shaping this updated guide.

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