ABN AMRO Private Banking

ABN AMRO Private Banking

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ABN AMRO Private Banking is the international wealth-management division of ABN AMRO Bank with €164 billion of total assets under management, offering more than 120,000 high-net-worth individuals a full range of banking, investment management, financial and estate planning products and solutions.

ABN AMRO Private Banking's domestic and international offices in 13 markets worldwide employ over 4,000 professionals and include the respected private banks ABN AMRO MeesPierson in the Netherlands, Delbrueck Bethmann Maffei in Germany and Neuflize OBC in France. ABN AMRO Private Banking ranks amongst the top 10 private banks in Europe and enjoys a strong position in Asia. ABN AMRO actively supports the development of venture philanthropy and impact investing. They were partner of SOCAP Europe in 2011 and founding partner of Toniic Europe.

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