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The Groupe ADP created a dedicated Citizen Engagement Department whose mission is to support territories, the aviation sector and employee engagement around themes of common interest especially in education and employability fields.

ADP Corporate Citizenship Team has the mission of defining, structuring and pursuing the project of Groupe ADP about societal and citizen engagement. The idea is to create shared value with its ecosystem. Its action revolves around 3 pillars:

  • Engagement for its territories
  • Engagement for its passengers and the aerial ecosystem
  • Engagement for its employees

15 people, including Fondation Groupe ADP and Fonds de Dotation de la Communauté Aéroportuaire de Paris (F.D.C.A.P)'s teams, have been tasked to insure the transversality of the project across the whole group and to accompany all enterprises directions daily in their engagement projects.

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