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APOPO researches, promotes and develops the use of Detection Rats Technology for humanitarian purposes, such as landmines and tuberculosis detection, using the extremely developed sense of smell of Giant African Pouched rats. Their mission is to develop detection rats technology to provide solutions for global problems and inspire positive social change.

APOPO Foundation is designed to promote and support the activities of APOPO around of the world through funding, outreach and programme development.

APOPO has been active in the humanitarian sector for nearly twenty years. Like many NGOs, the organisation mostly relies on traditional philanthropy and donations to fund its activities. There has increasingly been, however, a shift in the funding paradigm over the past few years. Traditional sources of funding are becoming thinner, and are in nature insufficient to properly grow and invest in research and development, as they are project-bound.

They share the belief that NGOs and social enterprises need therefore to evolve towards a more hybrid financial model. Building bridges between the business and the non-profit worlds is becoming increasingly important and necessary.

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