Change - Crédal Social Innovation Fund

Change - Crédal Social Innovation Fund

About Change - Crédal Social Innovation Fund

The Credal Group’s vision is building a fairerand just society, particularly in regards to the use of money.

This vision is declined in two main objectives:

1. Developing ethical finance, focused on impact first rather than financial return

2. Facilitating through financial services the development of initiatives that produce positive changes in society. Supporting initiatives led by groups or individuals that place the economy at the service of citizens and solidarity. Bringing access to finance to where is most needed.

Credal’s social mission includes:

1. Raising awareness among the general public on the possibilities of investing in an ethical way and with a social purpose, instead of giving priority to maximizing financial returns.

2. Developing adapted financial services such initiatives in the form of:

a. Social loans

b. Social Investment

c. Social guarantees

d. Specializes coaching and business development services

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