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Co-Impact Foundation

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Co-Impact Foundation was established in 2018 by ACT Group, as a vehicle for catalyzing collective impact to enhance the impact investment ecosystem in Central and Eastern Europe.

ACT Group is an impact entrepreneurship support organization with 15 years of successful regional track record in empowering more than 1,000 impact ventures and individuals. Co-Impact Foundation’s impact investment programs complete the circle of support and provide international collaboration opportunities to key actors in the impact entrepreneurship and investment ecosystem.

Co-Impact Foundation’s approach is based on partnerships with impact enterprises, investors, socially responsible corporations, philanthropists, civil society organizations, governments and other ecosystem builders. Our partnerships are focused on the three pillars of engagement: co-creating international cooperation, education and financing programs, connecting the impact investment ecosystem stakeholders, and co-investing in sustainable, tailored financing programs for impact ventures. Co-Impact Foundation was founded with a vision that compassion, collaboration and co-investment connected will lead to positive changes in society and environment.

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