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Launched in 1995, Finansol is an association that brings together financial institutions engaged in the promotion and/or management of solidarity financing vehicles and tools (banks, insurance companies and asset managers) and a variety of solidarity-based enterprises, associations, cooperatives, investment clubs and others whose missions and activities are directly linked to addressing a social and/or environmental challenge.

Today Finansol has over 90 members and covers a wide range of social initiatives. The association mission is to act for a sustainable and inclusive development in France and abroad, by mobilizing financial resources commited to the primary objectif of having a positive social and/or environmental impact for the society. The association puts in relation the savers and solidarity investors pursuing a citizen engagement approach and the enterprises with a strong social and/or environmental utility.

Particularly, the association introduced the first ethical finance label created in France and only solidarity-based finance label. The Finansol label is awarded to solidarity-based savings products of all kinds.

Solidarity-based finance is a concept that satisfies the solidarity desires of the individual savers and the financing needs of the solidarity-based enterprises, non-profits, and other beneficiary organizations with a social and/or environmental impact. Ethical banks, solidarity-based investment funds and others act as intermediaries between these savers, by proposing traditional investment vehicles – savings and life insurance accounts, investment funds, etc. – to which solidarity mechanisms have been incorporated.

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