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Raised on welfare by a single mother, Joshua Haynes has struggled with mental health issues like food and alcohol addiction, depression, and anxiety his entire life. He only realized the extent of his illness and began the quest to find solutions four years ago, a life-transforming journey that lead to the creation of the Masawa fund. Masawa invests in people and organizations focused on making mental health matter.

Over the past 20 years, Joshua has been a Peace Corps Volunteer, a data analyst, a software developer, a social entrepreneur, a digital product designer, and a senior diplomat in the Obama Administration. While with the US Government and seconded to the Swedish Government, Joshua managed over $190 million in innovative grant funding in emerging and frontier market countries targeting poverty alleviation, civil society, human rights, and technology. Joshua speaks seven languages well, has worked in 35 countries, and currently lives in Berlin with his husband Scott and their two children, Wren and Ellis.

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