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Maanch is a UK-based B Corp developing technology to measure, monitor and report on the impact of investments, organisations and philanthropy, through the lens of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We provide pioneering advisory and technology solutions for organisations to deliver lasting impact. Our mission is to accelerate impact towards achieving the UN SDGs to enable a fairer future for everyone.

Our M INVEST Impact Dashboard enables multiple feeds of data intelligence, allowing investors and asset managers to adjust their portfolio positions to closely align and deliver on both their investment goals and impact strategy. This automates impact reporting and improves data analysis, resulting in time and cost efficiencies.

Our strategic corporate advisory and solutions help corporations identify, visualise and communicate impact. We apply a 360-degree impact lens called Net Societal Impact (NSI) to enable corporations to better embed impact in decision-making, understanding and demonstrating this across all business operations.

Since COVID-19, there is an amplified need for robust digital systems that can streamline and operationalise the flow of impact data. Through our M GIVE solution, we have built core systems for impact measurement and reporting for the philanthropic/Foundations sector - winning global recognition and awards.

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