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Since 2008, Mozaik Fondation is working in France to eliminate discrimination in employment and give equal opportunities in job access to youth from underprivileged areas.

Mozaik Fondation's mission is to create bridges between the economic world and youth. The foundation is a major actor of economic inclusion in France, proposing solutions for job search readiness and recruitment services at the same time, with a public-private ecosystem approach. More than 50,000 youth have benefited from our programs, and 1,000 companies have adopted inclusive recruitment practices all over France. Their strategy is to develop new digital solutions, strengthen advocacy and open source our tools in order to generate systemic change.

Main Activities:

-recruitment, consulting and training services for companies, public administration and social organizations

-training and coaching of youth for job search readiness and economic inclusion

-a free digital matching platform,, based on an algorithm that defeats discriminating biases and prompts candidates’ soft-skills to recruiters.

-Advocacy activities: annual event “Top leaders of Diversity & Inclusion” at the French Ministry of Economy, club of CEOs “Inclusive Champions & Ambassadors”, mass-media campaigns.

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