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Mozaik Foundation (Mozaik) is a leading social enterprise (SE) in the Balkans region. It owns EkoMozaik Ltd. and MaŠta Agency, two successful social businesses, a social entrepreneurship development platform, and a lean start-up SE incubator.

Mozaik was founded in 2002 with the aim of encouraging development of rural communities. Since then over 18,700 volunteers and 4,000 individuals, businesses, NGOs and government offices joined forces with Mozaik in over 1.400 programs, projects, initiatives and community actions to develop our communities, build social cohesion, empower youth, and restart economic activity in predominantly mixed ethnic communities. Mozaik is proud to announce its new 10-year strategy, and commitment to lead development of a break-through generation of value-driven social entrepreneurs. Over the next ten years they will launch 500 social businesses in BiH to create new social and economic value, create new jobs, economic opportunities and markets where none exist today. They will serve as role models to others to change their destinies and consequently that of their countries.

Mozaik Foundation is a team of enthusiastic professionals who put a lot of effort into creating programs that contribute to the economic and social stability of BiH. They are continually motivated by the results and impact their programs have on the most important resource of society – the youth.

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