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Their Essence: “We trust people and their own potential to develop; we just need to open the doors of opportunity” As a consequence of many years of experience and learning in the social sector, and with the firm conviction that there are alternative and complementary ways to solve the problems that affect humanity, the Open Value Foundation applies a hybrid model between traditional philanthropy and private capital investments, that supports, measures, manages and scales social impact.

Their mission is to promote and encourage the social impact investments to improve the people's lifes.

Their vision is a world where philanthropy and traditional investments generate, through impact investments and venture philanthropy, the sustainable development of the society and its people.

Their main activities consist of:

  • Supporting Sustainable Social Iniciatives: The Open Value Foundation promotes and facilitates equal opportunities, mainly supporting sustainable social initiatives that create employment in any sector, as a decent way out of poverty.
  • Promoting and fostering Venture Philanthropy and Impact Investing: In recent years, the Open Value Foundation has emerged as a pioneer foundation for impact investments and a driving force to strengthen the ecosystem of Venture Philantrophy and Impact Investing, co-leading Spain's adhesion to the GSG and promoting the knowledge and use of alternative tools to solve the problems of poverty.

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