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Oranje Fonds is the largest Dutch Fund on social cohesion and participation in The Kingdom of the Netherlands. They believe in a world where nobody is exclude and a society in which everyone can participate.

The Oranje Fonds supports sociale changemakers with funding, knowledge and the leveraging of their network. Every year, they spend over €30 million on this social objective, of which €21 million goes to direct financial support to approximately 8500 social projects in The Netherlands and the Carribbean part of the Kingdom. These are mostly small-scale community initiatives, mentor projects for youth and language programmes. They also offer non-financial support.

Next to the traditional support, the Oranje Fonds also wants to play a role in stimulating the development and innovation in social cohesion and to help lift this space to a higher level. Thy are involved in two Social Impact Bonds and are looking into ways to further develop our social investment policy.

The Oranje Fonds has the Royal family as ambassadors, and Jamy Goewie recently joined the Board of the Oranje Fonds.

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