PME Investimentos - Sociedade de Investimento, S.A.

PME Investimentos - Sociedade de Investimento, S.A.

About PME Investimentos - Sociedade de Investimento, S.A.

PME Investimentos is the Portuguese state owned financial company whose goal is to create better financing and alternative financing conditions for non-financial companies and entities and strengthen the entrepreneurship and innovation sectors of the Portuguese economy, including the social innovation ecosystem in the Portuguese market.

They manage financial instruments funded by European Structural Investment Funds and the Portuguese state budget, namely, credit lines to SMEs and the funding and financing of the Portuguese venture capital and social innovation ecosystem. PME Investimentos was selected in to manage the Portuguese state owned Social Innovation Fund, which will have an amount of Euuros 50.000.000,00 to finance socially innovative projects, through credit lines that finance social sector non-corporate entities and through equity and quasi-equity investments in social innovation start-ups.

Since these investments will entail the need for social sector entities and social innovation startups to develop sustainable and innovative solutions to social needs for the purpose of accessing the funding managed by PME Investimentos, while creating lasting organisational structures, they hope to reinvigorate the Portuguese social sector and bring these entities closer to European market standards in terms of operational practice and innovation.

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