Sagana is a new kind of firm on a mission to align outstanding financial returns with positive social and environmental impact. Sagana's name means “abundance” in Tagalog, which expresses their core belief that it is possible to invest in and grow businesses that are a “win” for everybody – for the founders, employees, investors, society and ultimately the whole planet.

Sagana is a global impact investment advisory firm working to unleash the potential of people, capital and business to create a better future for all. Sagana leverages decades of experience in private equity, impact investing, and entrepreneurship to discover, invest in and grow companies that are successfully solving some of the biggest challenges of our time – in topics like climate change, sustainable fashion, food technology, plastics, health and wellness, education and gender and diversity. Sagana clients are family offices, foundations, corporations and development agencies who are looking for both attractive financial returns and positive social and environmental impact.

Sagana has three offerings: Sagana Capital which advises family office and foundation clients on making investments in purpose-driven companies and funds across asset classes; Sagana Consulting which uses the organisation's impact investment skills to help others like development agencies and foundations deploy grant or catalytic capital in the impact investing space; and Sagana Talent, where the organisation works with leading purpose-driven entrepreneurs to create strong cultures that attract and retain the talent they need to succeed.

Sagana strongly believes that diversity contributes positively to our success. Their team is gender balanced, includes over 10 nationalities and speaks over a dozen languages. They also have a gender-smart investing expertise: they help impact investing funds, development agencies, foundations and entrepreneurs to uncover their unconscious biases and integrate gender-smart investing into their core practices.

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