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The Barrow Cadbury Trust

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Founded in 1920, The Barrow Cadbury Trust were one of the earliest UK Foundations to make social investments, starting with the first ever Social Impact Bond in 2010. Trustees and staff were keen to use their endowment to encourage others to explore social investment and over the last 8 years they have put money into a wide range of projects and instruments including property investments, working capital and equity. They have allocated £3.8 million to 20 different social investments, including loans, social impact bonds and equity and quasi-equity investments, along with valuable non-financial support.

The Trust’s vision is of a just and peaceful society which recognises the equal value of all people and its mission is to use all of their assets, especially their money, to work with others to bring about structural change for a more just and equal society.

Their main activities are:

  • To develop and promote evidence of effective policy and practice for young adults and women at all stages of the criminal justice system, and to enable the voices of those directly affected to be heard.
  • To promote an immigration system that is fair to both migrants and established residents and a policy and public debate on migration and integration that is based on shared values as well as evidence.
  • To support practical and effective approaches to improving the economic inclusion of communities and reducing economic injustice.
  • To use all the Trust’s assets for the advancement of social justice.

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