EVPA Code of Conduct

EVPA Code of Conduct
Setting standards for the venture philanthropy and social investment industry

In order to set the highest ethical standards for the industry, EVPA has adopted this Code of Conduct as a set of guiding principles for all EVPA members and their employees.

EVPA Code of Conduct

The EVPA Code of Conduct (‘the Code’) is founded on the principles of transparency, ethical behaviour, mutual respect and professional business conduct. All EVPA members are committed to upholding the highest standards of practice in conducting their affairs with donors, investees, beneficiaries, charities, governmental authorities and the community at large.

Primary objectives of the EVPA Code

  • Set the standards of conduct for a newly developing industry
  • State the principles of ethical behaviour for EVPA members
  • Assert on behalf of the membership the collective view that the highest professional standards as well as just and equitable principles of philanthropy, trade and investment shall be observed
  • Address lapses in professional conduct when they occur within EVPA
  • Act within the rule of law and business rules of the jurisdiction of the EVPA member

We also urge all EVPA members to keep in mind that through their work they each contribute towards building the venture philanthropy and social investment industry, with societal impact as an overall objective.

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Nicolas Lahaye , Community Associate, European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA)

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