Frequently Asked Questions about EVPA and its membership


Who can become a member of EVPA?

EVPA membership is open to all organisations that are interested in more impact across Europe.

Can my organisation become a member even though we are not based in Europe?

Yes, our inclusive community of investors for impact does have members from other parts the world (Asia, South America, North America). Your organisation is welcome to join in the same way as applicants based in Europe.

What are the benefits of being a member of EVPA

Find out more about our membership here

What are the differences between the membership categories and what is the cost of EVPA membership?

EVPA membership categories and price points are determined by type and annual operational expenditure:

  • Corporate*: €3,900
  • Regular: €3,200
  • Reduced**: €1,600

* This fee apply to corporate social investors (corporate foundation, corporate impact fund, corporate impact incubator, accelerator, a social business), banks and financial institutions, asset and wealth management companies, insurance companies, pension funds, corporations

** This fee applies to academic institutions and regular members with annual operational costs of less than EUR 300,000

Two- or three- year membership discounts

We offer a small discount to organisations that want to pay their membership fees of two or three years in advance (instead of one year only).

Please note that by paying in advance you accept that:

  1. Your payment is final. You are free to cancel your membership, however EVPA will not reimburse any fees.
  2. Your membership benefits may vary. We reserve the right to launch and discontinue services, activities, discounts or any other tangible or intangible benefits.

You can compare the annual cost of each offer here

Membership fee per year




1-year membership




2-year membership (5% discount)




3-year membership (effectively pre-2022 price points)




All prices exclude 21% Belgian VAT

How can I apply for EVPA membership?

You can find our application form through the link below. We look forward to welcoming you to our community! EVPA application form

How long is EVPA membership valid for?

One year of EVPA Membership covers the period between 1st January and 31st December (one calendar year). If not already settled, membership fee is renewed each year in January, with a message from EVPA's Finance department, including the invoice and a reminder about your upcoming year of benefits.

How can I cancel my organisation’s membership?

We care about our members and do our utmost to help you increase your impact. We recommend that you get in touch with our membership team at membership(at)evpa.ngo to have a call and discuss your cancellation reasons. If you are still considering cancelling afterwards, our team will send you the membership cancellation form to fill in.

Please note that any outstanding payments with EVPA through the usage of our services must be settled before we can confirm the cancellation of your membership.


My company name, VAT number or purchase order number needs to be changed on your invoice. Who should we contact and when?

If your billing details need to be changed, please contact us at office@evpa.ngo as soon as possible.

What is the invoicing procedure at EVPA?

For membership: EVPA issues a VAT invoice with payment term of 30 days. If due amount is not settled by due date printed on our invoice, you will receive two reminders. Two weeks after the second reminder your membership will be suspended.

For our training courses: EVPA issues a VAT invoice with payment term 0 days (payment upon receipt). If due amount is not settled before the course starts, we cannot admit you to our training.

For our events: You register to our event via online form. Once form is completed, you will be prompted to pay either 1) by credit card, or 2) by bank transfer (payment upon receipt). You will receive a VAT invoice in both cases. If due amount is not settled before our event starts, we cannot admit you to the event.

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