April 28, 2015

Employment meeting in Portugal

With 34.5% of Portugal’s under 25s unemployed, employment -especially among youth- is an important subject of discussion in this part of Europe. Reason enough for EVPA’s thematic Group on Employment in venture philanthropy and social investment to hold its third meeting in Portugal. 

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Hosted by EVPA member IES Social Business School, the meeting formed part of a gathering of the Portuguese Social Investment Taskforce, an initiative to lay the foundations of the development of a social investment market in Portugal. Alongside important exchanges on how to foster better collaboration on the issue, EVPA members Ashoka, Fondazione CRT, FERD, Santa Casa de Misericordia and Impetus PEF resented VP/SI programs targeting (youth) unemployment. Read our case studies here:

Case Study: This Works

Programme launched by Ashoka to accelerate proven social innovations in the field of employment in Southern Europe.

25 outstanding social entrepreneurship solutions in the field of employment were selected. These solutions were then developed and adapted for scaling and local market insertion. They were promoted through local events in southern Europe with a view to inspiring local change makers and mobilising local adaptations and replicas.

Examples include the replication of a French initiative offering management advice for entrepreneurs in Spain, of an employment programme for individuals with autism in Spain, and training blind people to diagnose breast cancer in Italy and Spain.

Case Study: Fostering Intergenerational Entrepreneurship – United at Work (UAW)

Social experiment by Santa da Misericórdia de Lisboa focused on shaping public policy promoting the integration of young and older people into entrepreneurship.

The Programme of Intergenerational Entrepreneurship combines and stimulates the competences and experiences of young and older people to promote jobs for both generations.

The programme is supported by the European Union Programme for Employment and Social alongside operational partners; the Municipality of Lisbon, the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and the Association for Entrepreneurship Beta i.

Get in touch with Santa da Misericórdia de Lisboa if you would like to learn more about this project.

Case study: “Iniziativa Lavoro”

A 1.2 million euros job matching programme encouraging employers to hire vulnerable groups of jobseekers and train them, linking payment to outcomes.

The programme has seen over 300 placements in Italy of young job seekers, older age workers and those needing to get into the job market after a gap in their career. The programme is implemented by over 200 employers based on over 30 schemes.

Case Study: Monsters

Prevention and skills training programme by Norwegian VP Ferd.

Their investee Monster Inc. recruits employees among former criminals and drug addicts, providing them with work opportunities channelling their natural talents and energy within a building and demolition company, as well as a place to live. 30 people have been aided so far among them a number suffering from NIMH syndrome.

Get in touch with Ferd if you would like to learn more about this project.

More info on the topic:

Youth Unemployment World Economic Forum video on how to tackle the youth unemployment crisis starting with employment demand, with interviewee Jamie McAuliffe, CEO of Education for Employment.

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