March 30, 2015

EVPA Policy: thinking about policy solutions around Europe

Interested in understanding your national policy context better? Or in sharing such policies from a practitioner’s point of view? EVPA is inviting you to share the knowledge you have of your regulatory environment, to learn from other countries’ context and to help build our collective knowledge on policy solutions around Europe


EVPA as a Hub for National Policy Making

With 100% of EVPA Members deeming policy relevant to very relevant to their ability to aid social purpose organisations (SPOs) around Europe (see more detail in the box below), EVPA is now focusing on detecting policy initiatives of interest in the area of social finance within individual European countries. 

Even better, it is planning to gather these conducive and innovative policy measures in a Hub for National Policy Making; one single place and collective knowledge sharing tool to help VP/SI both practitioners and policy makers to better understand the regulatory context of neighbouring countries. Dedicated financial instruments, fiscal incentives, public support to capacity building, impact measurement guidelines, legal status of social enterprises or social clauses in public procurement regulations are only a few examples of the national policy initiatives that will be shared in the coming months

Among those eye-catching policy initiatives, let's mention the French “90/10” solidarity investment funds, through which companies provide employees with an option to invest 5 to 10% of their savings to support the social and solidarity economy, or the Buy Social Directory launched in June 2014 in the UK to develop a marketplace for social procurement.

Are you aware of interesting policy initiatives that are taking place in your country focused on improving our sector? Share these with us and other members by getting in touch with EVPA’s Policy team:

Elinor de Pret
Head of Policy

Dr. Lisa Hehenberger
Policy Advisor

Simon Ott
Policy Analyst 

“How relevant is the regulatory environment in enhancing (or impeding) your work in providing social purpose organisations (SPOs) with access to finance?”

To this question, that was asked to EVPA members in our 2014 membership survey:

  • 100% of respondents said that their regulatory environment is ‘relevant’ (68%) or event ‘very relevant’ (32%)
  • 84% of our respondents agreed (46%) or strongly agreed (38%) that “The public sector can play a catalytic role in the social investment market in terms of creating a conducive regulatory environment, encouraging greater transparency and taking concrete steps to help develop the market.” (OECD, July 2014)

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