May 28, 2015

EVPA’s input to the Green Paper on ‘Building Capital Markets Union’

EVPA’s members are helping shape the discussion around the EuSEF Regulation, i.e. the EU-wide ‘marketing’ label for European Social Entrepreneurship Funds. Find out how.


As it did in 2014 in the context of a consultation launched by ESMA, EVPA submitted on 8 May its contribution to the European Commission’s Green Paper on building a true capital Single Market (Press Release / Green Paper).

Drawing from the expertise of its Policy Committee and a selection of 20 Members most concerned by the EuSEF Regulation, EVPA contribution focused on the Green Paper’s question as to what changes would make it easier for larger EU fund managers to run EuSEF funds, and how the number of currently registered funds could be increased.

EVPA grabbed that opportunity to highlight a series of issues which could contribute to explaining the limited uptake of EuSEF-funds across the EU, including:

  • The prohibitive cost of setting up a EuSEF-fund preventing more sign-ups;
  • The impact measurement requirements embedded in the EuSEF Regulation being vague and therefore challenging; 
  • Challenges around the timing and national legal contexts within which the EuSEF rules are to be applied.

If you are interested in finding out more about EVPA’s input to the European Commission’s Green Paper, please see our contribution document and here its accompanying cover letter.

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