September 28, 2015

EVPA Member Impetus-PEF introduces largest ever VP fund for youth initiatives

UK-based EVPA member Impetus-PEF has allocated England’s largest ever Venture Philanthropy funding package (nearly £8 million) to three youth-oriented organisations: The Access Project, Action Tutoring and Resurgo.

Impetus Pef Youth Fund

These UK organisations will benefit from continued management support in addition to funding, and will have to provide measurable results and progress assessment based on mutually agreed benchmarks to ensure they are creating lasting social impact.

The three charities share the commitment of serving disadvantaged youth and providing them with the support necessary to succeed in education and employment. Below we include a short description of each project, provided by Impetus-PEF:

  • The Access Project will receive nearly £2.5 million of leveraged funding from Impetus-PEF over 3 years. It aims to increase the number of students from disadvantaged backgrounds that enrol at selective universities. Focusing on high potential pupils in schools with high levels of disadvantaged young people, The Access Project delivers a four-year programme of 1:1 tuition, via volunteer tutors to increase academic performance, and personalised university application support in years 10-13 through trained staff based in school.
  • Action Tutoring will receive over £2 million of leveraged funding from Impetus-PEF over three years. It is a fast growing educational charity that aims to make the benefits of tutoring more widely available to pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds in schools across England.  Action Tutoring recruits, trains and supervises high quality volunteers to tutor pupils in partner schools. Their focus is on pupils aged 15-16 preparing for their GCSEs in English and Maths.
  • Resurgo will receive almost £3.5 million of leveraged funding from Impetus-PEF over 3 years. The charity’s award-winning Spear programme focuses on youth unemployment delivering structured programmes of group and personalised coaching to build work readiness skills for disadvantaged young people. It actively helps young people find appropriate jobs and supports them during the first year of their career to ensure sustainment and progression.

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