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Jacobs Foundation commits USD 52 million to change living conditions of families in cocoa-growing communities


May 08, 2015

EVPA member Jacobs Foundation has announced a CHF 50-million commitment to changing the living conditions of families in cocoa-growing communities by providing access to high-quality education in Africa’s Ivory Coast.

Despite accounting for almost 40% of global cocoa production, Ivory Coast’s smallholder cocoa farmers subsist on less than five US dollar a day, which is considerably below the poverty line of US dollar a day. This high level of poverty is compounded by very low literacy and school attendance rates nationwide, gender inequality, and child labour, particularly in rural areas. 

Aiming to improve this situation, Jacobs Foundation will be implementing a comprehensive strategy to transform education, empower women, and ensure child protection in cocoa-growing communities in Ivory Coast. It will be doing this through its TRECC programme, a Global Clinton Initiative Commitment to Action. TRECC works through six axes: research, capacity building, matching grants, impact finance, engagement, and policy strengthening and builds on a related programme CocoaAction, an unprecedented commitment of the private sector to sustain the cocoa industry and improve the livelihoods of cocoa farmers, with a strong emphasis on increasing farmer productivity and income.

Medium term, TRECC aims to reach over 200,000 children and youth directly by 2022. The intended long-term impact of this strategy is the creation of an ecosystem to transform education in cocoa-growing communities in Ivory Coast.

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