May 02, 2016

A new strategy for EVPA’s Knowledge Centre: KC 2.0

A new leadership, a new strategy and the building of two new branches. Exciting times are ahead for EVPA’s Knowledge Centre. 

Knowledge Centre

Change of scenery at the EVPA Knowledge Centre: Priscilla Boiardi has taken over the leadership from Lisa Hehenberger, who is staying on as a strategic advisor to EVPA on research and policy. We have also developed a new strategy, KC 2.0, that aims to make our research more accessible and usable to you.

With both financial and non-financial support from the Noaber Foundation, one of the first core funders of the Knowledge Centre, we initiated a strategic review of the Knowledge Centre in the second half of 2015. Context Partners was hired to help us gather input from members especially in terms of their needs and learning profiles.

The input we received has convinced us that it is very important to continue to conduct high-quality, rigorous research but that strengthening the “translation” of the research into day to day practical tools and learning should become a greater focus.

Thus, the Knowledge Centre will enhance its role in enabling peer-to-peer learning, packaging content according to user profile, and spreading the sector’s cases and stories. Over 2016 we’ll start putting this strategy into place, building two brand new branches of the Centre.

New and ambitious projects

The Knowledge Centre will continue building cutting-edge sector intelligence through its annual Industry Survey. In 2016 we will also start a very ambitious project with AVPN – the Asian Venture Philanthropy network. Over a 5 year timeframe, we will conduct a longitudinal study of EVPA and AVPN members and the SPOs they have supported to determine their perception of the value of the VP approach, as well as more objective measures that track performance over time (ex-ante and ex-post VP involvement). This project is not only interesting from a research point of view – most importantly, it provides concrete data about the VP intervention that should help VPOs become increasingly effective in terms of supporting their investees. We are currently fundraising for this project and invite any interested funders to contact us

Join the Knowledge Centre 2.0

To implement the new KC 2.0 strategy, we’re now looking for a new Research Manager who will continue to build our research activities.

Our current community manager Elena Balestra will move into the Knowledge Centre as Training Manager. Thanks to Elena’s involvement we will strengthen our training offer. In 2016 we will add to our successful course VP in practice: the fundamental toolkit a workshop on Impact Measurement with Social Value International, a Crash Course on VP/SI and a webinar on planning and delivering effective non-financial support.

To strengthen the dissemination dimension of the KC, we have recruited a Knowledge Dissemination Manager who is helping the Research Manager and the Knowledge Centre Director synthesise the information produced by the KC Research function into new formats that meet the learning needs of all members; similarly to the “Non-financial support” and “Establishing a VP/ Social Impact Investment Fund” tools we recently developed. We’re very much looking forward to all of this and we hope you do too. Should you have any questions, do reach out to Priscilla Boiardi.

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