June 30, 2016

Insights for action - New AVPN guides in Impact Assessment, Capacity Building and Social Incubation

The opportunities for solving social issues in Asia through venture philanthropy (VP) and social investing (SI) are huge. While private social funders in Asia are keen to make a positive social impact’, they often struggle with the how of solving social issues effectively. To help funders get started and become better at core practices of VP/SI, AVPN has published three reports with actionable insights.


Impact Assessment

The Guide to Effective Impact Assessment distils practices in the four areas of getting started, learning from existing frameworks, implementation and presentation. According to AVPN research, these areas present hurdles to social investors’ approach in impact assessment and the guide present a synthesis of literature and 13 portraits of Asian impact assessment leaders. Through its hands-on bibliography split into overview reports for general information, cases to provide specific examples and finally practical advice and guidance, the report allows readers to go beyond and deeper.

Capacity building

Another guide is on what EVPA calls non-financial support and AVPN calls capacity building. EVPA has worked substantially on tools that help plan, monetise and value non-financial support. AVPN has worked on capturing ways to deliver capacity building and developed the Capacity Building Canvas to help organisations track their approach. The Guide to Effective Capacity Building builds on 10 in-depth case studies from diverse funders and presents an analysis of best practices in determining what is needed, structuring delivery and assessing the impact of capacity building.

Social Incubation

The Social Incubation report offers first insights into 15 social incubators’ effectiveness, operations, program content and human capital. Fundamentally this report, published in partnership with DBS Foundation Singapore, finds that social incubators in Asia appear to help social enterprises progress from idea to growth and allow on average 47% of graduates to secure follow-on funding for their growth journey.

At the recent AVPN conference, the guides and reports received wide-spread attention and AVPN continues to share practices and assist practitioners in perfecting theirs. To know more or to get involved, contact them at knowledge@avpn.asia.

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