April 29, 2016

Goodbye to Kurt

After four outstanding years together, our CEO, Kurt Peleman has decided that the time of change has arrived. Therefore, we thank him for his extensive contribution and wish him good luck in his future endeavours!

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Could you highlight some of your moments with EVPA?

There are so many, but if I have to single out one, it would be the daily highlight of being able to meet so many inspiring, ambitious while also humble people. This is definitively one of the benefits of working for EVPA. This proves there is so much talent and commitment in the broad EVPA-community, all over Europe, in different sectors and with different profiles. In addition, every year there are more!

The great thing is– there were the individual meetings, but as EVPA we also bring these people together during events like our Annual Conference and our Gathering of leaders. Those were always memorable and very energising moments.

How do you see EVPA evolving from now on?

Well, I am very curious about that – there is a new and talented management team in place, and a turnover in the board too; Plenty of opportunities, new ideas and fresh approaches. There is no shortage of exciting opportunities out there:

• How can EVPA best contribute to the further growth of the impact-ecosystem?
• How to combine the potential for a more segmented offer with the ambition of EVPA bringing together, a very broad and diverse, community?
• How to better integrate EVPA’s research with the training?
• How to improve EVPA’s digital presence?

The team will not have too many dull days at the office.

What do you think your future will look like?

There are plenty of reasons to be optimistic – with so many great initiatives out there.

Now, that being said, the big societal challenges of a few years ago are still big societal challenges now – definitively within a European context. Therefore, I think that, as a sector, we should take a big leap in our ambitions so that we can really solve challenges at the scale that is needed: we should attract much more money, leverage our networks much better, and – a point, which I think, is very important – considerably increase our willingness to take risks.

If I look at my personal future – these are the things I want to focus on in the coming years.

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