April 29, 2016

Belgian social impact investment fund Kampani makes first investment

Belgium based EVPA member Kampani has made its first investment. It concerns a Fairtrade certified Burundian coffee exporter called COCOCA, a Union of smallholder cooperatives, representing 27.000 coffee farmers. 


The investment makes COCOCA the first cooperative player on the Burundi market to own its own dry mill, allowing it to have better processing, storage services and quality of coffee.

Kampani, in consortium with fellow impact investor ICCO, provides a subordinated loan for 120.000 USD for capital expenditure and up to 194.000 USD for working capital. EVPA member KBF has provided support to COCOCA for several years, and first identified this deal for Kampani. The KBF will also bear the cost of the insurance premium for the political risk cover for the duration of the loans. Kampani also works with partners Alterfin and Broederlijk Delen for this investment.

Data points

Via the loan agreements, Kampani secured a mission lock, and the investee will be required to provide data points which will allow Kampani to monitor the social impact on smallholder farmers. Any excess profit generated by the investee will be disbursed to the farmer community within the framework set by the Fairtrade system for additional impact.

Read more information or contact Kampani Co-Founder and Executive Director Wouter Vandersypen, wvandersypen@kampani.org.

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