February 01, 2016

New EVPA Report: “A Practical Guide to Venture Philanthropy and Social Impact Investment”

The latest EVPA Report “A Practical Guide to Venture Philanthropy and Social Impact Investment” is now available for download.

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Building on the collected lessons, failures and successes from practitioners and several years of EVPA research, the guide is a reference for venture philanthropy funders, social impact investors and players in the corporate, foundation, banking or financial institution space wanting to understand the “what, why and how” of the Venture Philanthropy (VP) approach.

New practical tools

In order to make the report easy to use in your everyday practice, we’ve designed an online roadmap that helps you navigate the research and find information tailored to your needs and stage of development. You can access the roadmap here.

What to find in this report

  • How to set up a venture philanthropy or social impact investment fund
  • How to choose an investment sector and geographical focus
  • Developing a funding model
  • Recruiting the right team for your organisation
  • Designing a sustainable fundraising strategy
  • How to conduct due diligence
  • Developing a sound investment strategy, including how to support your investee beyond financing
  • Implementing an investment process that maximises societal impact
  • When and how to think about an exit

Download the report here.

Your support

You can find the press release we sent out on the occasion of the launch of the Guide here

Thank You

EVPA is very grateful to all those members who have shared their insights with the wider community of VP/ Social Impact Investment practitioners, in particular Luciano Balbo, Deirdre Mortell and Pieter Oostlander, three practitioners who wrote the first edition and have been instrumental in shaping this updated Guide. EVPA would also like to thank its supporters: Acanthus, BMW Foundation, Fondazione CRT and Omidyar Network.

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