October 02, 2017

10 years of success stories for CEED Macedonia!

The Center for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development (CEED) Macedonia has been playing an important role in creating successful business stories through networking, know-how business solutions, access to finance and new markets for ten years.

CEED Macedonia started operating in September 2007 as a third center in the CEED network of centers for managers and entrepreneurs established by the American Investment Fund SEAF that operates in Bulgaria, Slovenia, Romania, Serbia, Morocco, Tunisia, Tanzania, Armenia, Albania, Kosovo, Moldova and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

CEED creates a community of entrepreneurs and supports managers and their teams to grow their bisinesses. Their main services include events for building capacities and are focused on practical knowledge complemented by exchange of experience and mentoring from successful local and international business leaders, access to finance and a strong regional and international network. During our ten years of existence, CEED Macedonia managed to position itself on the Macedonian market as the only and innovative business support provider that designs and implements programs for managers and leaders, personal skills development programs and consulting services.

In the past ten years they have proven that CEED’s Business Club is the best place for personal and business development. Roughly 1.500 entrepreneurs and managers from 1.000 different companies have gone through our development programs, and their results say a lot about our success!

Happy anniversary and many more inspiring stories!

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