September 19, 2017

Fair by Design - Poverty Premium Fund

Big Society Capital is supporting an exciting new Wayra accelerator programme, providing startups with up to £70,000 in cash and support.

In the UK, low-incomes households pay more for everyday goods and services - such as energy, borrowing and food - than people who are better off financially. They have teamed up with the Joseph Rowntree FoundationFinance Birmingham and Ascension Ventures to set up the Fair by Design Fund to address this poverty premium. Together with start-up accelerator Wayra, the fund has co-launched The Wayra Fair By Design programme. This programme will support start-ups and entrepreneurs who are tackling the poverty premium. Start-ups accepted to the programme will receive the equivalent of £70,000 in cash and business services.

They are inviting applications from startups in the fintech, energy, transport and food sectors who provide services to low income customers in the UK. Do you know anyone who should apply?

The application deadline for the program closes in a  few weeks, so if you know of companies, people or organisations who would be interested in the programme, invite them to apply!

You can watch a video about the poverty premium, and you can also read more about the Wayra accelerator programme.

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