October 17, 2017

Interview with Felix Oldenburg, Secretary General Association of German Foundations

The Association for German Foundations joined EVPA last year, but you have participated at several conferences in the past years, what was for you the added value of our conference? What are you looking forward to this year in Oslo?

EVPA is the European network that introduced me to venture philanthropy when I led Ashoka, and it will always be close to my heart. The conferences are always informative, and the community behind it has soul and power.

You are a veteran of the conference being present at several editions. From your experience, what would you advise newcomers?

Don’t be intimidated, we are all making it up as we go. Just ask away!

You are involved in a session on public-private partnerships. What are the main objectives of the session? What would you tell a participant considering to join the session?

I am interested in balancing micro and macro. Without projects working on a micro level, there is nothing to take to scale. But without bringing big ideas to the public sector, philanthropy will only be able to paint on a small canvas. We need to ask what are the blueprints for deals we can take to a regional government, or a publicly owned bank?

Can you give us an example of public/private partnerships that can be a source of inspiration for other parties interested to build this type of projects?

The Italian banking foundations have hundreds of millions Euros in large scale housing programs. The legacy of steel production in Germany is in the hand of foundations. And we are beginning to see that impact structures like Social Impact Bonds move out of the experimental space.

Find out more details about the Annual Conference here.

Rsz Felix Oldenburg
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