August 18, 2017

Interview with Jeremy Nicholls, CEO Social Value UK

The Social Value UK joined EVPA in 2014, and you have participated at several conferences in the past years, what was for you the added value of our conference? What are you looking forward to this year in Oslo?

Every year, I look forward to meeting other people, to strengthening the connections, and to talking about what interests us. This has always been the main value for me. Relationships become more strong and partnerships come out of developing these connections. A good example is the Social Impact Management Training that Social Value UK and EVPA develop together.

Also, it is good to see how things have matured over the last year. The conference is always a good opportunity to see if and how we are making a difference, it is a good reference mark.

You are involved in a session on impact management. What are the main objectives of the session? What would you tell a participant considering to join the session?

I want investors to understand there should be a strong connection between the data they are gathering and the investment decisions they make. They need to focus more on the culture in the organisation they support, to see that they are using data about impact It is not only what you are measuring that is impotant, but how you are using this data and what kind of decisions you are making based on it.

Investors can encourage   their investees to use data to change what they are doing in their organisation, not to prove how brilliant they are, but to improve what they are doing, and regularly

What would you advise a social investor when setting and implementing an impact measurement system? What about a social entrepreneur?

The social entrepreneur should take his/her insights from the stakeholders, from their end beneficiaries and use them to improve the services or/and products they are offering. Investors should make sure the organisations are actually doing that. They need to ensure that their investees are more than learning organisations, but changing organisations. We need to move from this learning mantra to a changing mantra based on the data we collect.

Find out more details about the Annual Conference here.

Jeremy Nicholls

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