October 27, 2017

The Womanity Foundation: Call for Nominations for the Womanity Award


Nominations for the 2018 Womanity Award can be made until Tuesday 31 October.    

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What is the Womanity Award?

Womanity believe in innovative solutions, the power of collaboration, and that addressing the root causes of Violence Against Women (VAW) will create sustainable, systemic change. The Womanity Award aims to impact in the field of VAW by cultivating innovative ideas and helping spread them across geographies.

The Award supports collaboration between organisations seeking to combat gender-based violence, and aims to break down barriers they face in replicating their success. The programme lasts three years and enables ground-breaking projects that are already successful in one location, to be expanded, and contextualised elsewhere, to reach and help many more women.

What we are looking for: Partnership in Practice 

An organisation that has demonstrated success in deploying a programme to prevent violence against women, thereby making women safer in the urban environment. The Innovation Partner will adapt, extend, and replicate that initiative in a new setting in cooperation with a local organisation of their choice [the Scale-up Partner], and the technical and financial assistance of the Womanity Foundation.  

The Award Package 

The winning pair of Innovation-Scale up partners will receive a package of up to Swiss CHF 300,000 worth of professional services, staff time, learning field visits, impact measurement, and any relevant expertise or resources necessary for the scaling up of the program, over a 3-year period.  

The 2018 Theme: Creating Safer Urban Environments for Women 

The built environment should be efficient, sustainable, and liveable. It should first feel safe. The next iteration of the Award will highlight programs that are contributing to creating safer urban environments for women.   Creating safer private and public environments means harnessing the power of women and men, businesses, public institutions, and civic society to design and develop, among others: 

  • Gender aware architecture
  • Better data analysis 
  • Bottom-up neighbourhood mobilisation 
  • Gender transformative approaches 
  • Urban public and private spaces promoting dignity and trust 
  • Initiatives that promote Women's voice and visibility in public and private spaces.

Deadline for nominations: 31 October 2017.

Click here for eligibility criteria and to nominate.

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