January 30, 2018

BonVenture investments in 2017


BonVenture Management Gmbh have made many succesful investments in 2017, generating social impact and enabling social enterprises to grow expotentially. The investments range in different specialties including eco-friendly biking, regional honey distribution toy-sharing, health care and mentoring initiatives.  Here are some  updates of the impact BoVenture have made yesteryear; giving a brief outline of each investments business model and how they create social impact. 

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Company Bike Solutions :Business bikes for a clean and healthy way to work

Business model: The company offers innovative business and bicycle fleet concepts for companies. Since the end of 2012, bicycles can be funded through tax-subsidized salary transfers ("Dienstrad-Regelung"). Both employers and employees can realize financial benefits. CBS provides bicycles with leasing models for companies with more than 500 employees and strives to reach as many employees as possible through exclusive contracts. Bike delivery and service are carried out at the employees’ premises.

Social impact: The future of mobility is supposed to be more sustainable and healthier: CBS combines the aspects of environment-friendly and favorable mobility as well as employee health and satisfaction. CBS offers companies the opportunity to achieve a quantifiable and permanent reduction of their carbon footprint. In addition their employees’ health and well-being can be increased. Impact indicators are the reduction of CO2 emissions and reduced health costs / absence days. BonVenture support: Financial support by a six-digit follow-on investment for the expansion of the company and non-financial support with coaching.

BonVenture support: Financial support by a six-digit follow-on investment for the expansion of the company and non-financial support with coaching.

MeineSpielzeugkiste.de: Toy sharing against the throw-away society

Business model: Via its website the company offers the possibility for toy sharing (arbitrary frequent exchange within the booked period) for 0 to 13 year olds at a price of EUR 5 - 35 per month. Toys of the top 20 brands are offered and all toys are carefully selected (by a body of experts, focus on wooden toys, no video-/violent games).

The possibility to purchase, reprocess and remarket used toys is being contemplated as a potential extension for the future. Further enhancements are under discussion.

Social impact: MSK saves resources (80% less CO2 emission compared to classical toy purchase). The benefits of the sharing economy approach are being shared among children and adolescents, and previously unexploited resources are made use of (used toys). In addition, MSK promotes equal opportunities and contributes to improved development conditions for socially disadvantaged children (free membership and access to high quality toys despite of low incomes).

BonVenture support: Financial support for the expansion of the platform with a six-digit investment and non-financial support by coaching the founders.

OptiMedis: Prevention in the health sector for improving the population’s health and cutting the medical costs

Business model: OM builds and manages regional supply networks. Within these, health care providers from the respective regions are brought together in order to jointly develop and implement prevention programs for the members of the partnering local health insurances. In addition, OM operates its own Digital Health Innovation Center for the evaluation of patient data, compares the results with health insurance data, and develops and improves prevention programs.

The three main objectives of the company are described in a "triple-aim" model:

1. Improving the health of the population,

2. Increase in the cost-effectiveness of health care,

3. Increase in patient satisfaction.

Social impact: The supply networks are intended to increase the health of the insured persons of the partner sickness funds in the region as well as to reduce the costs for the partnering health insurance companies. Furthermore, regional health services are strengthened through regional networking and the implementation of prevention programs.

BonVenture support: Expansion financing with equity (amount of 6 to 7 digits), board seat and coaching / consulting, e.g. for further financing and European internationalization.

Volunteer Vision: digital mentoring service for young adults entering the job market

Business model: Volunteer Vision operates a Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) platform for online mentoring. Companies or NGOs pay for their employees’ volunteering or inhouse mentoring through video chats in a virtual classroom. Currently, employees in 12 countries use Volunteer Vision’s standardized learning materials to train refugees in local language and career strategies, to navigate students and disabled citizens through vocational transition periods and to empower young female professionals to advance in their career.

Social impact: Volunteer Vision enables young adults with challenging backgrounds to enter or advance in the job market by offering digital mentoring using proprietary or licensed content. This offer complements existing offline mentoring programs and is easy to scale.

BonVenture support: Financial support of the tech4good business with five-digit mezzanine investment as well as strategic coaching of international expansion via board seat. 

nearbees: Honey from your neighborhood to save a declining species

Business model: NB is operating an online and offline market platform for the regional marketing and distribution of honey. The aim of NB is the promotion of beekeeping and the linked protection of the local bee population. For this purpose, easy distribution channels and other supportive measures for hobby and local beekeepers are being developed. Furthermore activities and campaigns for public awareness regarding the importance of bees and for the creation of bee-friendly habitats are enforced.

Social impactNB contributes to halting the decline in beekeeping and the number of bee colonies kept by beekeepers, thereby preserving the economic and environmental benefits of their pollination performance.

BonVenture support: Financial support for the expansion with a six-digit investment and non-financial support with coaching, network and process optimization. 

BonVenture is an organisation which seeks tackle social, societal and ecological problems. It is remarkable that they have made a contribution reaching their goals in the  year 2017.

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