September 24, 2018

​Cottino Impact Campus is the first campus in Europe dedicated to Impact Education.

With the aim of shaping and developing transformative leaders and organizations, Cottino Impact Campus' (ICC) mission is to foster the culture of Impact through an innovative, multidisciplinary and open educational model.

 Targeting not only students but also managers, entrepreneurs, professionals, public and private institutions, Cottino Impact Campus aims to nurture each person’s talent and to generate knowledge, culture and leadership through a unique and highly distinctive path.

ICC will offer an understanding of Impact with a market maker perspective, reflecting Mr. Giovanni Cottino's (entrepreneur and philanthropist) values, whilst also developing tailored learning modules and experiences.

With a European outlook and a broad engagement of both domestic and international practitioners and experts, ICC aims to build new 'hybrid' of  knowledge, to help generate skills and fundamentals for the future, combining: critical thinking, team working, problem solving, creativity, systematic change and impact design.


To implement the ICC project, Fondazione Cottino has chosen the following strategic partners:

 Opera Torinese del Murialdo, with values that focus on youth and its vision in education;

SocialFare, the leading centre for social innovation, for its capabilities to co-create models, products and services  bringing solutions which tackle contemporary challenges in society;

 Politecnico di Torino, a University of excellence, for its technical and innovative accomplishments, its ability to co-design spaces and public/private partnerships.

Cottino Impact Campus enriches the Fondazione Cottino’s  strategy in the educational field and follows Fondazione’s concept of  “fare bene il Bene”. Cottino Impact Campus will be located at the heart of Cittadella del Politecnico di Torino as a core part of the new Learning Center dedicated to innovative education with over 33,000 students.


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