March 20, 2018

Interview with Elodie Nocquet, Head of I&P France on Impact Measurement and Management

Elodie Nocquet head of the ESG at  Investisseurs & Partenaires was a key speaker at the EVPA Training Academy's first installment of Impact Measurement and Management. We asked her several questions about social impact measurement and management and the the IP ESG Impact Management system. Here is what she had to say:

Elodie Nocquet

You designed the IP ESG (Investisseurs & Partenaires environmental, social and governance)  Impact Management system. How does this system help your partner SMEs in Africa manage their impact?

I&P’s core purpose is to promote a new generation of SME entrepreneurs in Africa who will have the greatest impact on their local stakeholders. To this end, our due diligence includes an in-depth analysis of ESG and impact related matters as an integral part of the assessment. For us, the rigorous choice of a committed entrepreneur and a socially relevant project is the number one factor of success. ESG initiatives must be part of a holistic strategy and driven by the manager. ESG and impact issues need to be addressed as early in the project appraisal process as possible in order to formalise all options with the entrepreneur. In terms of financing, this means quantifying certain investments (such as the use of renewable energy equipment) or certain costs (such as setting up health insurance for employees). After the investment, the investment team works closely with partner companies on concrete ESG action plans that generate economic value and are fully integrated into the company’s operations. Given the lack of financial and human resources within SMEs, our technical assistance grants are critical. They co-finance ESG support missions being carried out by independent specialists, on various issues: designing employee health insurance systems, implementing safety at work procedures, promoting energy efficient processes & equipment, etc.

 What do you think the biggest challenge is when measuring social impact?

The biggest challenge is to remain both pragmatic and ambitious. We need to build impact measurement systems customized to the needs of our impact funds and partner companies in Africa. Impact data should not be perceived as a burden by the investment teams and the partner companies, but as an efficient means to improve operations and generate more business value.  

If you could describe social impact in three words, what would they be?

For impact investors, the social impact should be INTENTIONAL and reflected by appropriate INDICATORS and INCENTIVES.

You are going to be a speaker n our upcoming “Social Impact Measurement and Management” training. What should the participants expect from the training?

The participants should expect a combination of theoretical fundamentals and practical case studies, highlighting concrete challenges faced by impact investors when assessing, monitoring and exiting investments.

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