February 23, 2018

Nostoc Biotech: new profitable divestment from Bolsa Social. The impact crowdequity yields!

Our member Bolsa Social started the year with very good news for people who rely on them. Nostoc Biotech is a Madrid start-up of bioagriculture. They manufacture and distribute biofertilizers and bioprotectors to promote healthy crops that respect the environment. Nostoc Biotech was financed by the Bolsa Social at the beginning of 2016 and has just closed a capital increase with a group of business angels.

Nostoc Biotech
Nostoc Biotech Equipo

This operation confirms the good progress of the company and its promising growth prospects. René de Jong, the well-known business angel who has led the operation, said that he is supporting Nostoc Biotech : "I believe in the product, but above all I trust in the founders of Nostoc, because they know very well what they want, and I believe that the value of the company can multiply by 15 in 5 years ".

This operation has allowed a part of Bolsa Social investors who bet on Nostoc to sell their shares and to obtain a return of 62% in less than 2 years. 38 other investors of Bolsa Social have chosen to subscribe the new capital increase of Nostoc contributing, with new capital to consider the strong projection and scalability of the project. In fact, nowadays the company is worth three times more than when it launched the campaign with Bolsa Social.

Bolsa Social opened the year with the second profitable disinvestment (exit). Last November they announced their first exit, which was also the first complete and profitable exit of the Spanish crowdequity. The first company that they financed on Bolsa Social, utopic_US,  has a benchmark in co-working spaces, was acquired by Colonial and the 46 investors of Bolsa Social. It obtained a return of 81% in just over 20 months of investment. For more information read , “This first divestment of the Spanish crowdequity,”.

The case of Nostoc is a partial exit, since not all the investors of Bolsa Social have sold their shares. Glovo and ZeClinics were other two of the divestments in the Spanish crowdequity and, as in the case of Nostoc, are partial divestments.

Bolsa Social is extremely satisfied with their capital increase operation of Nostoc Biotech. Firstly, because it is a great incentive to see the companies of Bolsa Social grow and multiply the positive impact they are producing in society. Secondly, they are glad to see that again the confidence of their investors is rewarded. And thirdly, because this operation strengthens Bolsa Social as an investment platform that offers investment opportunities of social quality impact, chosen with rigor professionalism, which are economically and socially profitable.

We take our hat off to  the great merit of the entrepreneurial team of Nostoc Biotech. Not only have they successfully presented  their ambitious business plan to Bolsa Social in 2016, but in 2017 they have far exceeded their social impact objectives.  The figures speak for themselves: they have managed to reduce the application of chemicals in agriculture by 16,800 liters (their goal was 10,240 liters), reduced the emission of N2O by 180 Kg (their objective was 102.4 Kg) and achieved an improvement of the health of the crops of its clients by 80% (their goal was 70%). Congratulations Enrique, Guillermo, Eker and rest of Nostoc team!

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