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Acquisition of Vitalhealth Software by Philips

Philips Vital Health 7X4

January 11, 2018

Successful Impact Exit For Noaber Foundation

Royal Philips has acquired VitalHealth Software. VitalHealth is a successful and internationally active software company that provides smart eHealth solutions for various healthcare segments: from primary care and regional healthcare networks to mental health care and hospitals. VitalHealth focuses on social impact by contributing with software towards the health of millions of people worldwide. With this acquisition, Noaber Foundation proves the success of its hybrid financing model.

The Ede-based company (head office) is an impact investments that Noaber Foundation, through Noaber Ventures B.V., has actively guided from start-up to the successful company it is today. VitalHealth Software began operating in 2006 as an innovative start-up, in collaboration with Mayo Clinic (USA). At the start, VitalHealth focused on developing software for the care of chronic patients such as COPD, heart failure and diabetes. With the active involvement of Noaber Foundation and Noaber Ventures B.V., VitalHealth has given a new meaning to the mission of Noaber Foundation: driving change andimproving health.

Regarding the company’s impact, Laurens van de Tang, CEO of VitalHealth Software, from the very beginning, says: "Our innovative and cloud-based software is now used by more than 100 healthcare networks, with 6,156,000 patients and 132,000 professionals in different countries, such as the United States, China, Spain, France, Germany, India, The Netherlands and Belgium. I think it’s a great honour that Philips has so much interest in VitalHealth's technology, development expertise and our strong market position, not only in The Netherlands, but also beyond. It is also great that we share our mission with Philips: to contribute towards the health of millions of people through eHealth."

The acquisition of VitalHealth by Philips means that the use of the innovative solutions of VitalHealth Software by patients and professionals will increase on a global scale.
Regarding the acquisition, Matthijs Blokhuis, General Manager of Noaber Foundation states the following: "With this acquisition, the hybrid model of Noaber Foundation is proven to be successful. By investing, we enable entrepreneurial initiatives which facilitate sustainable impact in the long-term. In other words, we invest for social relevance and return. And with the return we can finance new innovations."

Noaber Foundation is a foundation with ANBI recognition. The foundation’s mission can be resumed as follows: driving change, improving health. The foundation finances innovations that support health improvement and bring about changes. This support is done within a hybrid financing model: by making donations available for projects and by investing in start-ups and growing companies.

The investments are made from Noaber Ventures B.V., a 100% owned subsidiary of Noaber Foundation.

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